Путин рассказал о секретном послании лидерам G7

Сочи, 17 мая. Президент России Владимир Путин отказался разглашатьинформацию, которую он передал лидерам G7. По словам главы государства, сообщение, переданное премьер-министру Италии Паоло Джентилони, носит приватный характер. «Это секретная информация», — с улыбкой добавил Путин.

Source: Путин рассказал о секретном послании лидерам G7

(Title): Putin spoke about the secret message to the leaders of G7
14:56 17-May-2017

(Above text:) Sochi, on May, 17th. Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to disclose the information he gave to the G7 leaders. According to the head of state, the message given to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is private.

‘This is classified information,’ Putin added with a smile.

This response came after the head of state commented on rumors about secret materials allegedly given by US President Donald Trump to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting in Washington.
Earlier it was reported that the Italian prime minister called relations with Russia excellent. On Wednesday, May 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. Following the talks, the Italian politician said that he considers relations between the countries successful and even excellent.


4 thoughts on “Путин рассказал о секретном послании лидерам G7

      • I’m learning Cyrillic. I am subscribed to novayagazeta.ru and Life.ru. I was going to translate to a post but too difficult. I read about the meeting of Putin and Macron in NY Times. I respect both Putin and Macron. The WordPress page I made is deleted. This is learning experience. This is not political.

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