Trump Language

I’m looking at Trump’s press conference report from the Washington Post. 

I’m looking at language voiced with intent to be understood. You mean like in a play? Of course.

‘ begin by mentioning.’ This is too weak for an announcement of the nominee for the Department of Labor.  Why not ‘I announce to you the nominee for DOL will be…’

Don’t start the beginning of a sentence with ‘And.’

”And so Alex, I’ve wished him the best. We just spoke. And he’s going to be — I think he’ll be a tremendous secretary of Labor.”

Don’t wish him the best. You’re not sending him on an expedition to Antarctica. Say, “I know he’ll be a tremendous secretary..” Give him encouragement.

Don’t say,’I think.’ It leaves us hanging. I think there’s a meteor coming (but I’m not sure). What do we do? What he said is he doesn’t know. I think there’s a meteor coming and I think we may all become dead.

There are too many: and’s, there are too many  I think’s, too many you know’s and it’s very important to me (what about the rest of us), and, and, “It’s very important to me. I’ve been talking about that for a long time. It’s very, very important to me.”

“And then right after that, you prepare yourselves, we’ll do some questions unless you have enough questions. That’s always a possibility.”

(No comment)

“A new Rasmussen poll, in fact — because the people get it — much of the media doesn’t get it. They actually get it, but they don’t write it.”

(I don’t get it)

Let’s take a look at an article in The Guardian. The US supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict. It has for 20 years. Am I stupid or does this (Trump) say we don’t:

“I’m looking at two-state and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like. I’m very happy with the one that both parties like,” Trump said. “I can live with either one.”

This makes no sense. Do we need the Chorus from Antigone for counsel?

Oh, the words really, really. ‘Hey man, this is really good stuff you know and more than you could know. If the press gets hold of it, they will distort it and make fake news stuff like I run the government on LSD.’ {These two sentences are fictional. I made them up. They are not from any publication.}

From the Washington Post

TRUMP: I have. I have. And I’m so beautifully represented.(is this like a reference he is the golden calf?)

Ok. I’m not going to criticized the topics themselves. I only wanted to look at how Trump presents himself via the English language.

He needs a script. So much greater is my confidence in a speaker, when they speak in sentences without all the garbage such as too many and’s and really’s and you know’s.

I suggest 8 weeks of improv. Twice a week.

I also suggest a press conference acting course. Find some actors and have them round up previous questions that have been presented to Trump in earlier press conferences. Actors should retain the same aggressiveness as real reporters. Put Trump behind a podium and tell him to get in the moment. Adjust all mic’s and speakers. Actors will be in chairs in front of Trump. There must be a director. The director will have a buzzer to use each time Trump goes off on a tangent, or simply when the voice loses the intent to provide a clear answer.

This should be done in the White House. The little movie theater (if it’s still there) would be perfect.

Please excuse any grammatical mistakes I have made.

Thank you.

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