Leonard Cohen

As I watched Bob Dylan on Friday, 10-04-2016, it was a few songs into the concert that I realized he had won the Nobel Prize. I felt nothing from this realization. This over the years was the third time I had seen Dylan and the second time for my son. I’ve listened to Dylan for over forty years. The meaning of his lyrics, not all but I have to say quite a few,are more lucid as oppose to when I was younger.

In my heart, Dylan had a “rival” now. The rival was Leonard Cohen. I have been listening to Cohen for about five years or six years. That’s a lot of songs. Cohen had this magic of taking romance, religion, happiness,sorrow, and weave them from the complexity of human emotion. They are poets who deserve the honors they have received. The biggest honor we can give Cohen is our feeling of loss but also an appreciation of his poetry and music.


Yes, Dylan has done a cover of this song as well.

Dylan’s cover

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