Mass Shootings

We, as Americans, are left again with the question of why so many innocent men, women, and children have died at the hands of an individual who carries a hate so blindly monstrous that he or she would obliterate others to satisfy the monster inside.

I am sick of the continuous excuses, over and over again, finding who to blame; mental illness, a lackluster of a government who puts private interest before American lives, who attack Plan ParentHood and Obamacare.  Essentially, a government, particularly the GOP who have yet to acquire the balls  (which may be natural for a young country in light of our 1000-year-old peers) to make a fearless change. This, though, should not be a partisan issue, maybe not a political issue at all.

The American people need to come up with ideas to initiate change.  Yes, I said the people.  If you can get a quarter of a million people to protest global warming,  then I feel the same can be accomplished with mass shootings.  PEACEFUL demonstations, for it is violent we are protesting.  If our voices enter the mind of the mass shooter, maybe that person will have a second thought,  a brief moment of assessment that may counter the monstrous intentions. 

But first let us take a look at the mass shooter.  What I have done is to give you links by experts in the field.  I am not an expert.  Learn what we have to face and conquer.

These links come from Dec.12, shortly after the Newton incident.

Author: James Knoll IV, MD

December 20, 2012

                         Psychiatry & Mental Health, MEDSCAPE

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