The universe revolved around New York.

Growing up on the East Coast,there were two cities that governed my universe; Washington,DC and New York. Of course the government,the Federal Government where the first President cut down a cherry tree,and Lincoln sat in his chair,was Washington. We never said D.C. You see,there was only on Washington. It didn’t matter how many towns,or even a state were name Washington. For me,there was only one. Pee wee here knew DC was the only government in the world. And the Lincoln Memorial ruled it all.

And New York? The world didn’t wake up until New York did. The only city in the world. No other. Pee Wee here knew the stock market jump started the world. And New Year began in New York. Rest of the world? Didn’t matter. The New Year began in New York. It still does start there-doesn’t it?

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